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The world of photography has made incredible changes during the last 5 years. Digital capture has presented some wonderful possibilities. We shoot hundreds of pictures without having to reload. ASA can be changed on the fly and there is proof positive of results with no more messy Polaroids... We shoot in low light with no fear of compromised image quality. No packaging waste, no expensive RUSH service at the lab, no bad exposures in the basket, no darkroom chemistry to dispose of... Most of us embrace this new technology and have made it our own. Our clients have seen a quantum leap in image quality and it has become the norm.

As an artist, scientist or an historian, photography allows us to explore and record our world, to share our unique visions and to even bend reality to our liking. The scientist becomes the artist, the artist becomes the scientist and the historian may preserve the moment for the ages (lest we forget...). Whatever the vision, photography shapes our lives and our civilization. The galleries presented in this forum are most recent works. Make your window big and the galleries will look even better. We shoot location assignment photography and have a large stock photography collection.


Phil Degginger